How do we hire your company?

Answer: The best way is to email your documents to us. The email address is You can also fax your documents and assignment letter to 801-443-3611

You should include the names of the person or entities to be served, the addresses to attempt service at and any other important information which will help us do our job.

Do you guarantee service?

While, we would love to say we guarantee a successful outcome, our experience of over 25 years has taught us that we cannot predict the outcome of our efforts. 

We cannot guarantee that persons, companies or entities are alive, have moved to another location or their cooperation in the legal process. 

What we can guarantee is to make the diligent effort required to make a successful service. 

Do you provide a Proof of Service?

Yes, we’ll send it to you by email, regular mail or overnight as requested. If we are not successful then we will prepare a Declaration of Non-Service.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions during normal business hours which is 9-5. See our contact us page for specific phone numbers.

How do you accept payment for services?

We require payment up front. You may pay by credit card, check, or money order or cash (if paid in person).

We can email you a link for you to view the invoice and pay online via credit card through our companies Process Server management website (

You can provide a credit card authorization form with your order to ensure timely services. Click below to view or download the form.

State Process Service credit card Authorization Form

You can email us a copy of your check made payable to “State Process Service”. We deposit checks through our banking app.

You can mail your check or money order to our administration office located on our contact us page. This option may delay the order for service.

We can and do offer certain established customers to pay once the assignment is completed. Those customers give us work on a daily or weekly or monthly basis.